Buddhist wedding is held at temples where you can experience Japanese culture and history deeply.This Japanese-specific wedding is chosen by a lot of international couples. Michinoku Wakon supports Buddhist wedding at historic temples in Northeast Japan. We are here to provide information for those interested in Japanese traditional wedding.

Special Package for International couples


tax not included
*In addition to this, donations to the temple are required

Special Kimono to choose for Bride and Groom
Make-up and Hair-set Head Accessories for Bride
Commemorative Photo Attendant

*We also offer location-photo packages.

English speaking staff is available

Michinoku Wakon have English speaking staff and have a lot of experiences to coordinate international wedding. Professional planners coordinate your special day.

Reliable services with professional

Michinoku Wakon supports holding Japanese wedding at various temples and shrine at Tohoku area, including world cultural heritages and Japanese national treasure.

At the temples of world cultural heritage and Japanese national treasure

Wearing Japanese Kimono

It is a special joy of Buddhist wedding to wear Japanese traditional costumes, Haori-Hakama for Groom and Special Kimono for bride. Especially,elegant and delicate bridal costume will be pleased by guests from overseas.

Japanese Culture and Tradition

In precincts of temples, culture and history of Japanese Buddhism are alive. Feeling and sharing them together with your partner and guests is one of the most attractive points of Buddhist wedding.